YouTube changes the dislike

The DISLIKE button The video platform YouTube will not be the same in the future as you know it. The settling numbers of the evaluation system will disappear, and according to YouTube for good reason. But what problems could be accompanied by this, let s take a closer look at us.

YouTube depressed the Dislike button

In March, YouTube had already announced it and after a deb owing test phase comes the video platform to the conclusion: The Dislike button is almost invisible. The number of dislikes disappears. (Source: Official YouTube Blog)

That means for you that in the future, you still know your displeasure about a video and press the dislike button, but can not see anyone. Except the channel owner itself.

In a detailed comment, YouTube writes that the experiments with the Dislike button have shown that targeted dislike attacks and the harassment of content creators have removed if the sum of the dislikes is not visible.

That would benefit from all things small channels and new manufacturers. This test phase has also shown that these are more affected by such attacks.

The protection of numerically small video producers is an important and right step. But the elimination of the visibility also has a important instrument for valid criticism. And in the worst case, it can lead to the protection of companies that can escape the public pressure.

Opinion of Mandy Strut:

Happiness had, Nintendo

Recently, a prominent example has illustrated the Importance of the Dislike Buttons for large accounts. Nintendo had announced the expansion pack for Nintendo Switch online with a video on YouTube. The players have shown little pleased from the price increase. They felt the price as too expensive. Their displeasure made the dissatisfied fans with the Dislike Button particularly clear.

The video mutated in no time to the most down goat video on the Nintendo channel. The Dislike button can thus act as important mouthpiece of the community. The public has a pressure medium to mark injustice.

Companies can assume this criticism in order to create the best experience and the best products for their clientele. And also in gaming journalism, the ratio of Like to Dislike can be a important parameter for reporting. It shows the basic mood in the community and thus ensures properly weighted reporting.

Incidentally, Nintendo is just an example of an example, other large gaming companies are always right in criticism and have also liked to enjoy such printing. OB Activision Blizzard, CD Project Red or Ubisoft — The list is long.

The coming powerlessness of the Dislike button will play large companies in the future in the future, because pressure from the outside is thwarted.

And the past has shown that companies want to go out of the way — Nintendo had videos with many dislikes, for example, simply deleted and uploaded again. The criticism was disappeared with it.

And a very large obviousness will be finally added: You can judge badly before watching the quality of a video.

YouTube Removed The Dislike Button..

How well and bad developers and publishers each deal with criticism, this picture section shows you:

YouTube removes the numbers of the Dislike Buttons — this should protect smaller video manufacturers above all and reduce dislike attacks. But what about justified criticism? Whether this measure will help the platform will probably only show the future.

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