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Stadia is a cloud PC gaming service created as well as run by Google. It is advertised to be with the ability of streaming video games to gamers approximately 4K resolution at 60 frames per 2nd with assistance for high-dynamic-range (HDR) through the business s numerous data facilities. It is available with Chromecast Ultra and Android TV devices, the Google Chrome web internet browser on computers in addition to various other Chromium-based web browsers, the Stadia mobile application on sustained Android smart devices, and also Chrome OS tablet computers. There is likewise a speculative setting with support for all Android devices qualified of installing the Stadia mobile app. In December 2020, Google released an iOS browser-based dynamic internet application for Stadia, making it possible for gameplay in the Safari browser. Stadia requires customers to acquire games from its shop in order to stream them. While the base service is or else complimentary, a Pro tier monthly membership enables users to stream in as much as 4K resolution, 5.1 surround audio, as well as offers an expanding collection of totally free video games that the individual has accessibility to while they are subscribed. Both tiers allow users to play online multiplayer without any kind of additional expenses. Stadia is incorporated with YouTube, and also its state share feature allows gamers to introduce a supported video game from a save state shared by one more gamer through permalink. The solution supports Google s proprietary Stadia video game controller, along with different non-Stadia controllers via USB and Bluetooth connections. Known in growth as Job Stream, the service debuted via a closed beta running Assassin s Creed Odyssey in October 2018. Stadia openly launched on November 19, 2019, in pick countries. On April 8, 2020, Google introduced the no-cost base service of Stadia. The service completes with Sony s PlayStation Now, Nvidia s GeForce Now, s Luna, and also Microsoft s Xbox Cloud Video gaming. Stadia originally obtained a mixed function from customers, with a lot of objection going in the direction of its material collection as well as absence of assured features.

Destiny 2 is today, November 16, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and Google Stadia Offline. The downtime affects Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 and will tackle a few backend problems. The most important times and info as always on Mango.

You have to know today: For November, Bungee has announced the same multiple times the server in the TAB from 04 November in advance. Today s maintenance is a longer backend maintenance and a preparation for the release on 07 December 2021. According to the current state of knowledge, however, nothing important for the players will change first.

So that you know exactly today, when you can log in again, let s inform you about the exact times.

Maintenance on 16.11. — All times and server-down

These times are important today:

At 14:00 German Time, the maintenance work on all platforms start.
From 14:45 clock are the servers offline. You will be kicked out of all activities and the downtime starts.
At 18:00, the servers are online again.
Ongoing maintenance at Destiny 1 and 2 will be completed at 19:00.

Update course:
— 17: 3 pm: The downtime was extended for an hour, at 18:00.
— 17:45: The maintenance will be completed at 19:00.
— 18: 00: The servers are available again, a download is not necessary. You can go directly to Los.

It is important: You may need to expect queues when logging. Also consider that third-party applications and also the official companion app can not be reached correctly.

Currently no changes are planned

This brings maintenance today: Bungee has made no changes. An update was not necessary.

Currently known problems in Destiny 2

According to TAB, there are still a few well-known problems open, the bungee wants to tackle soon.

Solo Block Matchmaking Xbox (Playstation + PC In Description) - Destiny 2

These errors are currently known:

The shader Wild Overgrown is not available for players who have completed the iron banner quest with all characters before the fix to resolve the problem has been published.
When players start the quest lost action with a character and complete them with a different character, Banshee is still trying to give the first character the broken blade to complete the quest that no longer exists.
When Warlocks perform a Phoenix root flight, you can not slide for 5 seconds.

If there are any changes or a patch, we publish this of course here. Until then, we recommend this interesting interview with Andy edition, the German Lore experts of Destiny 2.

Are you looking forward to the coming Destiny 2 Jubilee in December? What are you driving if Destiny 2 has planned longer downtime?

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