From tomorrow you can play COD Vanguard for free but only short that s how it works

You are you Bacall of Duty: not sure want to indicate if you your hard saved Euros for the new Cod Vanguard? Then you can try and convince yourself first hand whether the title of your money is worth the shooter from 18 November. For 4 days of multiplayer Vanguard is free on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

With Call of Duty: Vanguard, the Cod series returns to World War II and offers you many proven mechanics and massive content in multiplayer.

You are you by the latest Call of Duty but not sure if that s what s for you, you ll receive in the coming days, the chance for an extensive test. Mango shows you all the important information about the first free multiplayer weekend.

All information on free weekend from 18 November

How long is the Free Weekend Vanguard is more generous in interpreting weekend and starts the free trial on Thursday evening?:

18 . November from 19 clocks
22 . November to 19:00

4 days then opens Vanguard its doors to all interested players and Monday at 19 o clock is the fun back over.

What is ready for testing? You can the multiplayer mode to try out with the complete content. There is no extra modes for free players, but with full access to the entire content release and shipment — the first new map of Vanguard. The campaign and the zombie mode, however, you are not available.

Who can Vanguard test? All interested players with an appropriate platform and Internet line. The Free Weekend is for players on PlayStation 5, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. What hardware you need, you can find here.

What happens to my progress? Grinder her all weekend and then buy later Vanguard remains, your progress will receive. Even if you instead later in the free War zone, your earned Weapon Level stored on the new Vanguard weapons.

What s Vanguard for Cod? The latest Call of Duty plays in World War II and uses a revamped graphics engine Cod MW, the Cod of 2019. Accordingly, it plays quite similar and particularly War zone player should quickly arrive.

For Release Vanguard offered 16 6v6 maps and brought more than twice as many maps as its predecessor Black Ops Cold War. More about the strengths and weaknesses can be found in our games Presentation of the Vanguard multiplayer: Why should try every Cod fan Vanguard, even if it does not suit the setting.

Everything downloaded during the free weekends

How To Unlock Campaign In COD Vanguard

Where is the download? As soon as the free weekend goes online, looks into your console stores or on the PC on launcher. A preload has not been announced, you can download so probably only with the start of the free weekend to pull down.

PlayStation & Xbox addiction Vanguard in your console stores and upload downloaded the free trial launcher: Pressing the top left of All Games and then selects the tab Activision Vanguard from. Perhaps you have in the dropdown menu above the buy the trial version to select.

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Once the download is online, we update the information.

How big is the download Since the release, there was little new content, and we ll show you the download sizes to start 2 weeks ago?:

PlayStation 5
Download: 64.13 GB
Memory Required: 89.84 GB
PlayStation 4
Download: 54.65 GB
Memory Required: 93.12 GB
Xbox One
Download: 56.6 GB
Xbox Series S | X
Download: 61 GB
61 GB of storage space required

The new Vanguard has become a good Cod, but that is little trust and rather relies on tried and tested means to convince. Takes the opportunity of the free weekend and make yourself a picture of the World War II shooter.

Will you now know about how benefits the Battle Royale War zone Vanguard more, you can find here all information at a glance: Cod War zone is to Vanguard: All information on the new map and the graphics conversion

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