Made Inn Chungbuk games the largest game exhibition of the domestic game exhibition

[Data provided: Chengdu City Cultural Industry Promotion Foundation]

Chung Global Games Center, Today (17th) Opening Riga 2021

SoCal Retro Gaming Expo 2019 - Free Play Arcade Overload / Video Game Convention / Cosplay and More

Excellent game contents developed by Chung, online at home and abroad.

Expect a new version of the national game developers

Made Inn Chung Game Contents will play towards the world market.

The Cultural Physical Education Sightseeing Department, Korea Content Promotion Agency, Chungcheongbuk-do, Chengdu City, Chungcheongbuk-do, Cheongju-si, and the Chung Global Games Center (Games Center), which is operated by the Cultural Industry Promotion Foundation of Chengdu City, I said I participated in the Lima here.

This year Pasta, the 16th, and IT companies participated in domestic and international games and IT companies to announce the latest game news, and the largest international game exhibition, which is the largest international game exhibition, It will be held simultaneously.

Among these, Chung Games participated by the participating events are Online BTB for domestic and foreign buyers, to disclose development games through online lives, and have bias and instant BTB meetings.

Companies participating in this online BTB have 8 companies in the game center ▶ Indicated mobile game ▶ Delicious Games ▶ MP Games ▶ Block Aircraft-Mine> ▶ Funny Depp Headers VR> of.

RPG and Defense Differential systems, intuitive designs, and individual characters, such as an unmaskable game content, are expected to get high interest to buyers.

The Games Center said, This Vesta BTB participation will be an opportunity to identify the competitiveness of national game companies that dream of global entry and discover new possibilities. This is a new I have to cheer up to see the version of the plate.

More information on the various businesses of the Global Global Game Center, including Pasta, can be confirmed by phone 043-219-1719.

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