Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy ya tiene ray

Lidos Montreal is a Canadian computer game development workshop established by Lidos Interactive in 2007 and also based in Montreal. The business is a subsidiary of Square Enix, particularly of its European branch, and has been led since June 2013 by David Danfoss, former executive producer on Zeus Ex: Human Transformation.

Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy It does not have a month in the market yet, but its developers in Lidos Montreal have already launched a couple of patches that promise to improve the experience. The most recent makes more than that, since it also adds ray Tracing in new generation consoles, as well as a few additional adjustments.

Although the full list of novelties is quite extensive, what stands out here is without a doubt the Ray Tracing for PS5 and Series X, and the possibility of being able to play 60fps in Xbox Series S. Previously, Players in this console were only limited to 30fps, but that change after the latest update.


Lidos Montreal did not forget the consoles of past generation, since this patch promises better performance and stability specifically in the version of PlayStation 4, that apparently was having a few exclusive problems.

If you still do not go to Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy, here you can take a look at our written review, so you can know why you should not jump this new proposal for Square Enix and Lidos Montreal.

Editor s note: This was a game that enjoys a lot, however, I think I miss a last polish. Although the base experience is amazing, it has a few mistakes and bugs difficult to ignore. Good for his authors who continue to support him.

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