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The first 21 years in this Millennium have changed our world spectacularly: search engines, social networks, cryptocurrencies, self-propelled E cars and so much more. We asked us at Gig: What are the next 21 years? Thats why we invite you to jump with us in 2042 this week.

Battlefield 2042 - Official Reveal Trailer

Crazy times are in which we live. On the one hand, we experience a never-because innovation pace, which brings us self-propelled, electrically operated cars, 3D printers or novel mRNA sources, and artificial intelligence, quantum computer and fusion reactors in tangible proximity. On the other hand Brakes false information and lobbyist the use of modern solutions and thus, for example, the fight against pandemic and climate change.

Where does that lead? Already the look in the coming year 2022 is uncertain, the social consequences of the pandemia at best, foreseeable at best. As our world looks like in 20 years, however, is completely open.

But exactly this look ahead, in the year 2042, we want to throw on Gig this week. Because sometimes you have to push this bit aside here and now and let the imagination run to see what is possible and what could be. We would like to give you a few ideas and teachings on the occasion of the start of Battlefield 2042, as the year 2042 can look like.

Because whoever only in sight goes, as it has been called by the Federal Government for months by the Federal Government, although the current dangers, but perhaps also controls in a very wrong direction. So get the field stock out with us and look where the journey goes.

Intelligent, networked, surprising: technology and gaming in 2042

As part of this theme week, we take you in individual articles, for example, with Apple and the question of what comes to the iPhone — or there is an after the iPhone for Apple. We visit the first real human machine and the met averse, which could shape our everyday life in the future.

Did we manage to switch to clean energies in 2042? Has Elon Musk colonized the Mars? And do we still do it?

And of course, we also ask ourselves where the gaming world develops: We are still waiting for the PS5 or have completely displaced the consoles and gaming PCs completely in 2042 ? Are games still only games, or already virtual worlds in which our everyday life merges with fictional adventures?

Was everything could have done in 2042, we also show you in the special edition of our GIG HEADLINES:

Of course, we do not know what happens exactly over the next 21 years. Nevertheless, we want to draw a picture of the year 2042 based on the current trends and our experience, which is conceivable.

All of our posts can be found on our topic 2042. If you would like to give us feedback, then gladly writes us on Facebook or editors at Gig de.

I wish you a lot of fun reading, thinking and discussing!


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