Wild 1860 victory strained K llners nerve costume

YANNICK DEICHMANN - 2021 - Goals and skills
The fourth season win of the lions — he had preceded a true roller coaster ride. 0: 1, 1: 1, 2: 1 by a genius stroke of Sasha Molders. According to Stein harts Patter at the second elder then the most dampening damper to 2: 2 — to which the hosts with much morality and the 3: 2 answered.

We just put full throttle and the game turned with an incredible will, commented TSV-Profi Yannick Eichmann the comeback success. Morality and Character, also named coach Michael Killer as reasons for the fourth win.

At the end it was a bit wild and dramatically. Unnecessarily dramatic. We have the clearest opportunities to get the thing early on, but Motherly Killer added, but smiled, Ive been aware of this job — knowing that such games are likely to go to life expectancy as alcohol or drug addiction. Molders, whose ball clapped to the latte, and Stein hart, who awarded his second penalty, could have decided the game early.

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Just the question arises: were the three points against the descent or for the climb? Killer was familiar confident: I always trust the team to stay unbeaten five, ten or 15 games. On Saturday 1860 must be averse in 1860, three days later, Mannheim is becoming a catch-up game. Then Killer is likely to know where the journey is going.

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