FC Bayern Flick indicates soon Kimmich

Relief at national coach Hans Flick: The vaccine problem in the national team will probably be solved soon. But that’s not done.

Hans Flick saw himself twice during his video clause from London and was then disturbed by a fire alarm. But his embassies brought about the national coach crystal clear: the vaccine problem for Joshua Gimmick and other international will soon be released — and the German football must then be backwards with a great effort.

With audible facilitation, Flick announced the expectation on Wednesday afternoon that Gimmick will give up his nationwide resistance against a corona vaccine with a mRNA vaccine. I think it’s going to Jo in the direction that he can vaccinate, Flick said, I can now play on time. To the next country match in March, much is changed.

He talked to Gimmick, reported the national coach, who visited a series of Premier League and Champions League games in England. It was a very good conversation, I have seen a tendency. He busy that. It was wrong, Gimmick to put the pillory — this lens off that in Germany Much better run.

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Flick confirms Gary’s booster vaccine

According to media reports, Gimmick’s club and DFB colleagues Serge Gnabry, who had to recreate a Corona infection, and Jamal Musial’s have received vaccinations. For Gary, Flick confirmed this: Serge has received a booster vaccination. This would be sufficient after the surviving illness. Musial should build the full vaccination protection in the winter break.

How Hansi Flick Turned Bayern München Into The Best Team in Europe
The national coach drives the Hansi Flicking topics before the transition to the World Cup year 2022. We are currently no benchmark, he said in all clearness: We want to drive the project to drive the future and go with all this path. Now it’s time.

Declared Flick had this with national team director Oliver Bailiff, who greeted the national coach from Frankfurt. On the Long Way back to the world lit, the stage goals are clearly defined. We have the right to come under the last four at each man’s or women’s tournament. Every ten years we want to win a title, as we also take the U21 with pure, said Bailiff.

Bailiff advertises patience

Flick, after the long era Joachim Löw started promising to the office, took over the target set back to the world tip and speak of back on top for 2018/19. The hot not banal, to become a world champion, Bailiff obeyed, also world champing is a good term.

In the identification of the fans, in enthusiasm and ratings, we also want to go to the world’s tip. We also want our player to be role models and work socially, said Bailiff. This will be observed exactly in view of the controversial World Cup host Qatar.

Bailiff War in the interaction of many factors for patience. We do not wait for a big bang, but have started a process, he said. The Nations League will be a first test phase 2022 and a hint where it works.

The national coach wants to offer no one-man show until then, he goes the way over the clubs and their coaches. Together it is always best and simplest. There are many things that other nations have already behind, he said. In terms of strategy and tactics, the team is on a good way, but still far.

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