Hannah Paulini Eimsb ttel

It is now for six years that Hannah Pauline’s sports bag danger to dust forever in the basement. Instead, she found the way to the cabin of the Eimsbütteler TV, where her owner is now absolute success guarantee. 55 Goals has the ETV in the Oberlin Hamburg after eleven playing in the account. 31 of them achieved Hannah Pauline. She is the main reason that Eimsbüttel is still in the championship race at the end of the first round. Only the second team of HSV lies with two points ahead of the ETV in the table.

Kicker-Torjägerkanone fest im Blick: ETV`s-Tormaschine Hannah Paulini mit 31 Toren nach 11 Spielen

Well, she had been with her arrival in Eimsbüttel six years ago, she says coach Dennis Tracey, but not so blatant at the time, as it has developed now. In addition to the team success, the highly praised this season also waves the winner of the Paulini sports Torjägerkanone, which has also been awarded for amateurs since this season. On rank two Pauline has already been a pad of twelve hits. The profit of the trophy may not be the top goal, reveal Pauline, but I would lie, if I would say ‘I do not care.’

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