Monster Hunter Rise 3 6 1 Live Update Published Patch Notes

A new update is available for monster Hunter Rise in Nintendo Switch, which takes the game to version 3.6.1. This update seems pretty minor, but prepares the scenario for the collaboration of Sonic The Hedgehog of the game, which will be launched in the game on November 26. That particular update should be exciting for fans of both franchises, allowing players to decorate their character, companion and canine with a team like Sonic and Tails. In addition, version 3.6.1 adds a series of error corrections. Complete Notes of the Cap com Patch Official Website can be found below:

Main additions / changes

New event missions will be available every week.
You can buy a new downloadable content in Nintendo Shop.
A new gyroscope correction function will be added to the Gyroscope options.
This will allow you to adjust the frequency with which the gyroscope position is recalibrated.

Correction of errors / various


An error was corrected that prevented the monsters from removing if you join a rampage mission with a specific time, which caused the mission to become incomplete.

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An error was corrected that caused visualization problems for the BEATEN armor series when equipped with the body type 01.
An error was corrected that prevented the target camera grid from changing when a monster changed from posture due to a special state.
An error was corrected that makes it look like the Great Firebugs do not move if you use one while you collect an item right after sliding.
An error was corrected that prevented some saved colors from being reflected correctly in the preview when using the character creator.
An error was corrected that caused the strand of the Such tail hairstyle through the Kulu-Ya-Ku helmet.
An error was corrected that prevented the effects of critical suction / aspiration of punishment to be activated during specific movements with certain body-to-body weapons.
An error was corrected in the restart time for the Rage Slash of the large sword that was introduced after an error correction in Very.3.4.1.
The explanation of the controls for Dash Breaker of the hammer was corrected, because it was the same as that of the Silk bind Spinning Bludgeon.
An error was corrected that occasionally caused the game to freeze if the adhesive spanner of the crossbow exploited just when the screen changed, as during the results of the mission.


An error was corrected that occasionally prevented the formlessness of photosensitivity to be displayed in the selected language.
An error was corrected that caused the options to be restored to the default values ​​if you cancel after specific actions on the Options screen.
An error was corrected that prevented the ! Disappear the icon for the message at the bottom of the chat window, if you look at the record while you have a chat message not read.
An error was corrected that prevented the ! The icon does not disappear even if you accept all the guild cards after making a specific set of actions.
An error was corrected that caused the pressure of the steering buttons to be recorded twice if they are pressed once at the exact moment on which the search selection screen is displayed.
Several text errors were corrected.
Different error corrections have been made.

It will be interesting to see if Monster Hunter fans embrace the next Sonic Crossover! When it comes to collaborations, this is definitely one of the most singular we have seen, but that also increases its appeal a bit. It is an interesting way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of blue blur, and could convince some fanatics to try it. Monster Hunter Rise ! In fact, the game is reduced in several retailers for the Black Friday, so this update will arrive at a very good time. Readers interested in learning more about the game can consult all our previous coverage of monster Hunter Rise right here.

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