PlayStation 5 Sony sees complaint due to discrimination

The news from the game industry due to poor working conditions do not break off. Now Sony looks a class of a class that was submitted by the former PlayStation IT security analyst Emma Major.

As Axis reports, it is asserted that Sony is tolerated and cultivated a work environment that discriminates female staff, including those that identify themselves as feminine. The main priority is apparently the unequal payment. The lawsuit claims that Sony’s female staff offers less remuneration than that of male employees, equal or similar work, or in equal or similar positions.

Furthermore, Sony is accused that women at Sony’s rise opportunities are denied and sufficient supervisory or security measures would be completely missing and so without appeals.

The application states:

Sony/Playstation Hit With Gender Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Yet Another Progressive Company

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Whatever compliance and compliance guidelines may always exist, there are no sensible controls, standards, implementation metrics and appeal, so that the top management evidence for discrimination in the workplace ignore, disregard, minimize, cover up, miscalculate or otherwise not adequately can react.

These discriminating practices and guidelines would be centrally established and implemented at the highest levels of Sony and as a pattern and practice at all locations within the company and are not limited to certain locations, according to the serious allegations in the action.

This represents the statements in doubt, the PlayStation boss Jim Ryan expressed in response to the reports on the disturbing practices of Activision Blizzard, in which he criticizes the deeply rooted culture of discrimination and harassment and says:

… that PlayStation continues to ensure that our developer and player community feels safe and respected, and every employee offers a secure work environment.

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