New World Remolition is preparing to connect servers

Amazon can arouse excitement. Instead of informing exactly about connecting servers or to pass the topic, in the latest update they threw in a short message:

Technical Basics of Connecting Servers

And that’s it. No details, but at least we know that something in this topic is happening and actually new world will combine less populated worlds. How will it work exactly? You will have to wait. An unusual error associated with garden equipment has been fixed.

In the last update there was an error through which all the degrees of gardening equipment used in New World during harvest were accidentally removed from the game and were treated as content that will appear only in the future. The company apologizes for the inconvenience and ensures that everything should come back to normal now. The injured people should find an additional chest with prizes in their equipment.

Fix Can't Join Server | Connection Issues | Lag | New World Guide

Boxes with prizes contain a full set of gardener armor, corresponding to the highest class captured in the past of the harvester set. They also have a maximum equipment limit for a given class and can be used at any level, making them useful for each player.

In addition, trade, moving and recovery of furniture and home furnishings have been restored. Part of the problems remained, and the forum is full of entries about error players in New World. I wonder if Amazon can handle everything, or with time just forgiveness and abandon this Technical Basics. It would be a pity, but certainly one new world we owe — you can see that there is a need for new titles from this species.

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