Borderlands The Sand of Badassery of Mister Torgue arrives at Kickstarter

Borderlands: Mister Torgue's Arena of Badassery - Kickstarter Critique Review
Borderlands 2 (sometimes shortened BL2) is a video clip game, developed by Gearbox Software as well as edited by 2K Games, blending function play as well as very first individual, launched in 2012. The PlayStation Vita version, edited by Sony Interactive Amusement, is exit In May 2014. It is the result of the video game Borderlands, launched in 2009. The game was after that released on Nintendo Activate May 29, 2020. At August 2019, the game sold 22 million devices.

The world of Borderlands is full of chaos, exaggerated characters and ridiculous fun, and now 2K, Gearbox and Monster Fight Club are being associated to take that world to the kingdom of the table. This new interpretation of the franchise is titled Borderlands: Badasses Arena of Mister Tongue (appropriate title, right?), And it will be a cooperative multiplayer board game that will make players assume the paper of searching they have met with the pit of Gladiators of Tongue. The game is available in Kickstarter now and has already exceeded its financing goal, and there is already a number of ambitious goals that unlock for the project. You can find the Kickstarter here.

You will face Snags, psychopaths and all forms of beasts in the pit, and then, in the style of Borderlands, you will improve your character by visiting the vending machine. Furthermore, you can play the game as individual scenarios or as a full campaign with possible intermediate updates and then the final scenario makes Tongue throw you a massive boss before you can claim victory.

The game works in the reaction system, which has three levels of possible actions, divided into green, yellow and red categories. Green actions are the best, while yellow and red are less likely to success, but that does not mean you should not do them.

You will go to Mara, More, Iron Bear, Savior and Moroccan in the base game, which comes with 45 miniatures, 80 double-sided hexagons, skill trees and more than 400 cards. This is part of Arena Casualty Pledge, which has a price of $85. The real rude! The level is $135 and offers you the main game and the Snags at the Gates expansion, which adds a new campaign, more letters and 15 Ska miniatures.

You can also be busy optionally as The Ravenous Wattle Gobbler and Acrylic Tokens, and until now the campaign has unlocked a psycho Grieg Vault Hunter, Psycho Pose 3, Scar Bounty, Marauder Pose 2, Shiv Bounty and HeadShot Psycho Enemy Model. The following is a free vending machine ($ 280K) and Maya ($ 330K), and both seem to be destined to unlock soon.

Are you excited about Borderlands: Mister Tongue’s Arena of Badasses? Let us know in the comments or, as always, you can talk to me about everything related to the table on Twitter @MattaguilarCB!

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