Anno 1404 Ubisoft gives away the construction strategy

While fans of the series thanks to a lot of new updates still with Anna 1800 have to do full hands full, you have at Ubisoft a premature Christmas gift for friends of the well-kept construction strategy ready. The company currently presents the PC version of the 2009 published 2009 Anna 1404.

You can download the title in the Ubisoft Store, the action is still running until 14th December at 15 o’clock. Even if Anna 1404 (Buy Now €8.58) has already 12 years on the hump, you can not see that the construction strategy game thanks to the so-called History Collection. With the Ubisoft launched four Anna classics in in the market last year on the market.

Anna construction strategy as a premature Christmas present

Even with his former appearance, Anna 1404 was able to receive good ratings and the originally missing multiplayer component has been submitted with the Venice extension. By the way, this is also involved in the gift from Ubisoft, so you get the Anna 1404 complete package completely free.

Although a gifted Gaul is not known to look to the mouth, but if you can not do anything with Anna 1404 despite the top price of 0 euros and yet Good Construction Strategy Addiction: The latest part of the series, ANNA 1800, as already mentioned, is still supplied with new content and is a playground of the top class according to our editor Matthias.

The update 13 appearing on December 14 is to expand Anna 1800 in addition to game improvements through the new Green Game Jam mode. For 4.99 euros you build a city in a new region and dedicates you a large-scale environmental project.

Anno 1404 - Construction Guide: T1 Production - Occident
Source: Ubisoft Store

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