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The third outward ride in the premier class could be the last for the TSG season. For six points of residue on the FC Arsenal, who also has developed a significant bonus in direct comparison with the 4-0, is the corridor to Denmark Maybe the last outward journey in the Champions League, Gabor Galleys wants to fool Gabor Galleys.

Tsg 1899 Hoffenheim A2 Training

The TSG coach and his team will therefore try to absorb all moments again and above all to draw the motivation that will create again in the next season, as he reveals on the club’s website.

It is important to build on the league game against Welder Bremen. With a 7: 1, the TSG set an exclamation mark. We played very routinely against Bremen, as we had introduced ourselves, Galleys said, who had recovered a canter victory with the Hoffenheimers against Kobe in the first leg with 5: 0. The only points so far in the premier class.

In Kobe Galleys expects a bite counterparty. Despite the significant result in the first leg we are warned, because Kobe has kept the zero against Barcelona in front of a native backdrop and was one or the other time being really dangerous about switching situations.

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