NEW WORLD Update today with maintenance

football PES 2020 (football Pro Evolution Football 2020) is a football simulation computer game developed by PES Productions as well as released by INAMI for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android and also IOS. The game is the 19th installment in the football Pro Advancement Soccer collection and also was introduced worldwide on 10 September 2019 as well as in Japan on 12 September 2019.
This year’s version includes a name modification with the enhancement of ‘football’ within the title, symbolizing a press in the online PC gaming space with an emphasis one Football Pro competitions. Lionel Messi returned as the cover star of the conventional version, which was the initial because his last appearance on the cover of Pro Development Soccer 2011, together with PES ambassadors Serge Gnabry, Miracle Panic and also Scott McTominay, each standing for one of the video game’s partner clubs. Ronaldinho was featured on the cover of the legend version. PES 2020 is the last game in the collection to utilize Kolyma Productions’s Fox Engine. It is additionally the last installation in the franchise business to use the PES name as well as branding as the complying with installment was just named football 2022 as well as is totally free to play. The mobile version reached 300 million downloads by June 2020.

FFF! The patience of the fans of New World is slowly put on a hard test, as it seems to have a tradition that the servers are offline due to maintenance — and then usually for three hours. A new World server maintenance took place today, on December 10, 2021, between 08:00 and 10:30, to create two problems out of the world. Which ones are? Here are the details!

No reimbursements for companies in the world consignment

The first problem concerns the companies whose servers are merged with another; This happened about on the 9th and on December 10, 2021 in the evenings. It was resolved a problem in which companies received no reimbursement for lost areas in a world merge, Firmly Manager Touch in the New World Forum in a contribution to maintenance. At the same time, he apologizes for the short term of the announcement of maintenance.

All Upcoming Changes In December - New World

Again a dupe?

A second problem then succeeded once again a possibility of duping. Touch’s note is: It has been resolved a problem that could double quests by LAG delays. We conclude that Heroes Sternum could accidentally enrich themselves through server lags to quests. Both problems should now be created out of the world, and you are safe again — up to the next maintenance ^^

Let’s hope that the weekend, then when most players Bock, New World (Buy Now €39.99) to gamble without maintenance. We press the thumbs! If you are interested in, with which bug fixes has employed New World Update 1.1.2, then you can read more here.

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