Nintendo Switch Memory Card with 400 GB at the best price at Saturn Display

At Saturn, there is just the good for the Nintendo Switch suitable micros memory card SanDisk ULTRA PLUS with 400 GB on offer: instead of 49.99 euros you pay only 33 euros. Cheaper, according to comparison platforms, there has never been the memory card yet. Here you come to the deal:

SanDisk Ultra Plus 400 GB instead of €49,99 for €33 at Saturn

The shipping is free. Saturn so far does not provide any information on how long the offer is still valid. Incidentally, Amazon is now at least withdrawn with the deal of Saturn insofar as there is the normal and somewhat slower SanDisk Ultra A1 with 400 GB also for the price of 33 euros. Also, for this card is a favorable price. Unless you feel a deep dislike against Saturn, there is no reason to decide for this model.

SanDisk Ultra A1 400 GB for €33 at Amazon

What is the SanDisk Ultra Plus for the Nintendo Switch?

The SanDisk Ultra Plus is a slightly faster version of the normal SanDisk Ultra and offers a maximum reading speed of 130 MB / s and is therefore ideal for Nintendo Switch. The switch requires a micros memory card with a read speed of at least 60 MB / s, but better with more than 80 MB / s. To write speed of the SanDisk Ultra Plus is rather moderate. When used in the Nintendo Switch, this hardly makes a difference, but for recording 4K videos, the memory card is not good.

SanDisk Ultra Plus 400 GB instead of €49,99 for €33 at Saturn

With the storage space you may get along on the switch for a while. Since even larger switch tracks usually do not need too much space, 400 GB rich for a lot of games. Even a large open-world title such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild requires only about 15 GB, with smaller indie games, it is often just a few hundred MB.

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