New World Chef DEV explains That s why we did not move release again

Although Amazon has moved the release of New World several times backwards, the online role-playing game appeared with many technical problems. Some fans therefore criticize the developers in retrospect and claim that the game in this state could not have been able to come to the market and a renewed release shift would have been useful. That’s exactly what Game Director Scot Lane has come up now.

Game Director gives: We have released updates

Lane emphasized in an interview with the editors of MMORPG. Com that his team can not count on the large rush of the players to the launch and some problems can not recognize in advance by tests. He said to ask if Amazon should have moved the MMO better again:

The is a difficult topic, and we spoke a lot about it internally. The thing is: We did not know anything about the exploit and dupe problems until the launch, and therefore a delay would not help.

In addition, Lane admitted that the release for the developers of New World (Buy Now €39.99) has shown a huge challenge:

The entire launch was very difficult. Although we were very pleased about how many players have surfaced, we have not been able to test [New World] nearly to this extent. This has sponsored some problems that we wanted to fix as soon as possible, and We made some mistakes in our hurry. The team is so pleased to see the whole player that the urge to react to it is so strong — and we want to fix the problems so that players can focus on the fun! For us, therefore, the biggest challenge is to take back to us and to work more methodical tests and validation of updates. [….] Our team is so committed that it is best to work around the clock to erupt the problems But that’s not sustainable, so we also work to split the load and make sure people burn out. […] An important lesson for us is that — whether Well we had an alpha for over a year, a preview event and public test — if you go live, always new errors over time.
The developers were thus overwhelmed in the truest sense of the word from the reaction of the fans to their game and wanted to correct problems as soon as possible. The fact that they have passed overwhelmed has already shown several times in the mistakes, which are then reused by the patches. So it remains to hope that the team really learns from these mistakes and upcoming updates carefuller than previously checked on bugs.

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