Fortnite Patch Notes for Patch 19 01 All important information in German

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Infinite go today, on December 14th, the servers on all platforms (PC / Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Switch, Android) Down. The downtime is used to play the new update 19.01. All changes we will summarize from Mango here.

What happens today in Fortnite? As already announced in Fortnite it will give a server down with subsequent patch. This patch includes a lot of new items, XP missions, and above all the long-awaited winter event, which will bring numerous gifts.

So that you do not miss that, we update from Mango the article for you, so you are always up-to-date.

Update 10.43 clock: The servers are online again and Fortnite can be reached. The update is available for download. On the PS5 you have to download 3,135 GB. Have you pulled the patch on your hard drive you can start again in Fortnite

Fortnite server go in downtime — when and how long?

Downtime In the morning: The servers will shut down at 9:00 am our time to roll up Update 19.01. Matchmaking is already disabled 30 minutes before, so you can not play from 08:30.

When can you play again? The servers are then offline for a whole while and play is no longer possible, the downtime is expected to be between 30 minutes and 2 hours. These have shown the updates of the past weeks.

Of course, such work can always lead to technical problems and delays. If it comes to complications, we will tell you about it.

Fortnite Update 19.01 Explained EVERYTHING You NEED TO KNOW About WINTERFEST 2021 In UNDER 5 MINUTES

When are the patch notes? Normally, Epic Games publishes little up to no information about the update changes in Battle-Royale mode. These are often found by the community themselves.

However, we come to important changes we also complement this article for you.

Which new content brings Update 19.01?

What’s new for the Battle-Royale mode? We can not be sure about the changes, but Leaks and Detainees have already turned out to be safe in the past as a secure source. With these changes you may expect:

14 days from Fortnite: China, a well-known leader of the Fortnite Scene confirms the well-known winter event (via Twitter), which has already brought 2020 many gifts. This should start on December 16th and revive the well-known Nutcracker hut again.

These are the most important information about the patch notes

In the following paragraphs, you will find all innovations from the update.

New skins for the shop

Epic has created some new and well-known skins for Christmas, which will soon be rotated by the winter shop. Including a skin pack with Midas, Renegade Raider and Co.

Super Styles for Selected Battle Pass Skins

There will be additional styles for the Battle Pass Skins. But you will not get that after your level 100 has reached in the Battle Pass.

Shield sprinkler

As already revealed in the trailer to the new chapter, the shield sprinkler finally made it into the database. Whether the new item can be used immediately after the server down is not clarified.

The Winter Festival and the New Nutcracker Hut

As in December. In 2020, Fortnite celebrated the winter event in a large scale. There were 14 gifts that could be opened every day, and additionally you were invited to the hut of the Nutcracker. There were many nice allusions to last times from Fortnite. Now that returns.

Are you looking forward to the new gifts? Let’s know in the comments what you think of the upcoming winter event!

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