Is Rapid dealing with Turgay Gemicibasi by Austria Klagenfurt

The winter transfer window is approaching. Almost daily the SK Rapid is associated with possible new arrests. Now Murray Gemicibasi from Austria Klagenfurt should be a topic.

In summer, Murray Gemicibasi changed from Blue-White Linz to Austria Klagenfurt — since then the defensive midfielder from Turkey (born in Germany) makes a strong figure and scored four goals and three templates in 16 league games. How Sky reported on the weekend during live broadcast, Rapid should deal with Gemicibasi.

Not the first name ghosted by Dusseldorf — also Hannes Wolf (Borussia Mönchengladbach) and Dominik Frailer (FC Barnsley) should be a topic in Dusseldorf.

Die Pressekonferenz nach dem 1:1 gegen Rapid - mit Peter Pacult und Turgay Gemicibasi

It’s just important that the players and the supervisors go on vacation. They need that because they really have a difficult year behind them. With me, it is the opposite. My battery is full, and I will of course be with the Sporting department composing and forging plans, says Rapid Trainer Ferdinand Feldhofer at SKY for the upcoming winter break.

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That it is not a wish concert, it is also clear. Some may not be sold, some not, but that will be discussed in the next few days. Wishes and dreams you can always have, but I think about Rapid is also working very well in offspring Why not also install young players.

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