Pok mon legends Arceus New trailer reveals the diamond and Perl

Until Pokémon legends: Areas on 28 . January 2022 is still a bit out, but developer studio Game Freak is all trouble to supply fans of the lively pocket monsters until then with info in appetite shape to make appetite to the next part of the main series, the Perfect experiments to cart seems.

So far, in addition to the usual announcements such as new Pokémon and regional forms, above all, the strong parallels to diamond and Perl have noticed the 4th generation of the series. With radiant diamond and luminous pearl, the new-edition treatment is just getting donated and fans should have already noticed the many similarities — especially in the characters.

The harmonics of the diamond and Perl clan

These are also the focus of this freshly shown trailer again. With the unveiling of the diamond and Perl clan as well as its headers DIAM and Perl, the parallels to the games of the 4th generation are again unmistakable. No wonder: Finally, Pokémon legends also plays: Areas in the Singh region, just a long time before diamond and Perl, which is why the place was still called His at that time.

A real explanation of the two clans and their leaders did not provide the trailer, except that the two often seem to argue for their different personalities. After all, the official website is still revealing that Dams PartnerPokémon Folipurba is and Perl has always a gladiola.

The Diamond Clan & Pearl Clan & Ginkgo Guild Merchants!? - NEW Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailer
Two (UN) familiar faces: The dealers of the Ginkgo Guild

In addition, one threw a closer look at the gingko-guild, a group of dealers who will meet their journey through the His region. They provide you with rare as well as everyday objects. The guild is given by Gonna, which is visually clearly reminiscent of Volker, the head of the eighth arena of diamond and Perl.

Another member of the Ginkgo Guild is Solo, a pretty curious dealer. Although Solo is a man, his appearance shows strong similarity to Cynthia, the champion of diamond and Perl. Until the launch of Pokémon legends: Areas On January 28, 2022, Game Freak certainly shows other characters that could easily be ancestor to other well-known figures from the Pokémon universe.

Source: Official Pokémon YouTube Channel / Official Website of the game

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