Streamer Ludwig confuses Twitch and Youtube now threatens him the Google

For some time, the famous Streamer Ludwig is under contract exclusively on YouTube. Of course, he may not stream on Twitch. Nevertheless, he did exactly that — he was already spelled three times at YouTube in a short time!

Satisfied, as an exclusive YouTube streamer, he is still what is likely to be more than ordinary salary. Why did he still walk live on Twitch? and will have the consequences, so now threatens the Google complaint against the 26-year-old?

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What happened?

Twitch Removed Me from Their Website.
Recently, Ludwig wanted to stream how usual on YouTube, where he has been exclusively under contract for some time. While his fans were waiting for him there, he went against it inadvertently on the Twitch Channel of his long-standing friend Slimier online. After a short time, the US streamer noticed that something is wrong.

Mist, I’m on Twitch!

Oh crap, I’m on Twitch!, Ludwig slips out after about 30 seconds when he noticed that he steamed against Twitch instead of YouTube. In the live chat, numerous spectators made him on his Faux pas attentive. Immediately he went offline again.

How did the streamer react?

However, Ludwig, who currently has Kind 2.4 million subscribers to YouTube, adopted the with humor. If it comes to the trial with alphabet (the YouTube, Google and Co. legally parent company), then he would be easy claim that it calls all platforms Twitch, joked the streamer.

threatens the Google complaint?

A Google complaint against Ludwig is likely to be very unlikely, actually traded on a faux PAS at his short excursion to Twitch. Shortly afterwards he went to YouTube live and streamed there before his expecting audience.

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16.12.2021 at 11:07

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