Vendor Plague Of Lies Party

Early Morning Studio revealed Vendor: Plague of Read, a party RPG of the old school playing in the dark and atmospheric world of Vendor and appearing 2022 for console, mobile phone and PC.

The revealing trailer of the game gives the players a tempting taste of what they expect in this title, which builds on the proven RPG pedigree of Early Morning Studio and tactical, initiative-based fighting, a series of fascinating characters that are recruited and with which one can interact, as well as a rich and historic world to explore.

In the gruesome world of Vendor, in which the royal family earns their money with children’s clothes, the economy of whole cities depends on the sale of separated body parts and are as commonplace as the rain, this is not a role-playing game in which they take over the role of an epic hero will. Instead, they will crawl out of the gutter of poverty, the plague and misery.

Vendir: Plague of Lies Reveal Trailer #1

The player slips into the role of a character who receives a message from his sick and old mother who asks him for help and goes in a kingdom in danger in which the smallest crime is punished with the most agonists penalties.

Worse, the Tyrannic King Erik has forbidden all to leave the city again, and leaves you a long and cumbersome task that brings you into conflict with the brutal power that monitors the misery of Vendor.

Based on the rich history of classical role-playing games, Vendor uses: Plague of Lies Party-based battles with a round-based initiative system to create captivating tactical struggles.

Your group consists of a number of captivating characters that contribute to the history of the game as well as to your skills in combat and into your talks with NSC’s to create a rich network of conversation options and results.

It awaits you an artfully designed, historical world that is brought to life through a carefully crafted atmosphere and the mistakes and confusions of the stories of the people they inhabit them.

Vendor: Plague of Lies Screenshots

It is a world where your decisions have real weight and consequences — in conversations, in the fight, craft and other aspect of this Old-School Role-play, which was developed by a studio with a real passion for the genre.

Emir Bulganin, CEO and co-founder of Early Morning Studio, said, We are pleased that we can finally give the players a first look at Vendor: Plague of Lies. We love RPGs of the old school and have learned a lot through the titles we have already published and the fantastic resonance you’ve learned. We bring this knowledge into Vendor, our largest project so far, and are confident that we can still exceed the high standard we have set with our previous titles.

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