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Julian Brandt (born May 2, 1996, in Bremen) is a German football player. The offending gamer already left his native home in young people age as well as came throughout the VFL Wolfsburg to Bayer 04 Leverkusen, where he gave himself in specialist football as well as ended up being German international. He likewise won the Silver medal with the Olympic choice at the 2016 Olympics. Because the period 2019/20 he plays for the Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund.

Between the two scenes, just 37 playing minutes on the watches at Dortmund’s 2: 3 defeat in the Berlin Olympiastadion and still significantly fewer meters on the grass. The one in the 31st minute showed the whole can of Julian Brandt: Attack he went to the free space in the penalty area, got the ball played with a little luck in the run, delayed short and then sucked the ball with much eye over Alexander Schools In the gate. The other in the 69th minute showed the greatest weakness of the Julian Brandt: He made a pass from Thomas Meunière by Santiago Acacia only slightly pressed 20 meters in front of the gate in the foot of Jürgen Ekkelenkamp, ​​whose direct cross in the episode for the third Berlin hits led.

offensive-playful with a lot of pressure and fine foot vs. defensive-unconcentrated

Genie and madness combines in the body of the 25-year-old, the magic gate with overview, technology and feeling in the first half, the preliminary dropouts with a lack of overview and sloppiness after the break. Furthermore, in the emergence of the 1: 2 in a clarification test before the penalty area under the ball, he was added. A little of Stand in Berlin symbolic for the two faces of Russia, the offensive-playful playful with a lot of pressure and fine foot, but also the defensive-unconenter that invites the opponent far too often to easily goals. We do too many avoidable mistakes in recent weeks, which cause us to lose games or at least do not win, also finds licensing player Sebastian Keel.

We see the upward trend in the first round, he collected significantly scorer points, but he will not be satisfied yesterday with the second 45 minutes.

Sebastian Keel About Julian Brandt

In Berlin, Brandt was not the only Dortmund, who did not make good figure at the goals, with now but the discrepancy between the two halves was so clear. The fluctuations and the defensive dropouts were always a topic, but in the past first round, but Brandt seemed much more stable. In general, the midfielder under coach Marco Rose has made a big step, is regular and clearly entrant than in recent seasons. I think he tries to find a statement himself, so he will deal with himself, says Keel, We see the upward trend in the first round, he has not collected significantly scorer points, but he will not be the second 45 minutes yesterday be satisfied.

Of course, this was not for Brandt, but for all employees of the ball game association: We had firmly made us a good degree with 37 points, until the half-time break it looked after it. We had some chances of chances and had already after 15 minutes must lead, Keel was: But then we have given the game in the second half within a short time out of hand, that’s very disappointing at the end.

On the defeat against Bayern followed three unsatisfactory performances

After the unfortunate defeat in the top game against Bavaria Munich followed three league games, which could be anything but satisfactory: the points from Bochum, which were laid out due to the opportunity overweight, the tired appearance against preliminary light and now the lead to simply established leadership in Berlin, which is to defeat The right of the year led.

But Keel has not noticed a voltage drop after the top match: I did not perceive that in the days before Berlin. We did not play well against Fürth, but in Bochum and in Berlin until halftime, Keel analyzed on Sunday, The 112th birthday of Russia: Nevertheless, we are now missing many points from the last games. We will need a few days to digest it. But the view is going forward to the new year: The guys must focus on the start of training and drag the teachings from these games, because in Frankfurt we will be directly required.

Picture at an Exhibition: VI. Samuel Goldenberg & Schmuyle
Nine points are now to the leader, which, given the Bavarian Konstanz, now has a lot of unpardonably a lot. Also down, especially rank five, the upholstery is already great, especially compared to the location of a year ago. The BVB may have to get used to the bottom of the front of the 17 clubs behind Bayern virtually play in his own league.

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