What is Shin Oma that is transmitted to the jade region Pokemon Legends Alceus Attention to three new organizations in the latest video

The latest video of software Pokémon Legends Access for Nintendo Switch has been released.

In this image, Congo Team and Sichuan who believe in the existence called Ginkgo Shoji and Shinobi, which runs out while traveling, and the Shinto group will be released. A new character Gonna Solo Semi Kai belonging to each organization is also introduced.

◆ Ginkgo Shook Chamber

In the jade region, a group of merchants called Ginkgo Corporation is active. They who came from another region will help the protagonist’s survey, as they are selling a number of tools that are useful for adventures that are procured with articles procured while traveling around the risk region.

■ Gonna

A leader who bundles the Ginkgo Corporation. He has a little of ordering, but is a strong leadership. He sells bargains and rare tools purchased in various places.

■ Solo

A person who walks through the jewels region as a carrier of the Ginkgo Corporation. He often appears before the hero from anywhere. He is a curious personality that he is unusual and people interested in people.

◆ Two groups Congo group and Shining that works in the Risk region

In the Risk region, two groups called Congo Team and Shining are active separately from the Gin gaga group to which the main character belongs. The people of the Congo group often put the words It is important to live with everyone now. From one Sunday, there are often the voices I’m important to live with everyone in this land.

Both believe that both are believed to be called Shinto transmitted to the jade region. However, the appearance of Shinto, which is said by each group, seems to be able to conflict when the idea is different. What is the existence of Shin-Osama ?

■ Semi

Leaf, Lee FIA, with a long length, and the leafier. She is not good at waiting slowly, and fine things are the owner of a luxurious character that proceeds without worrying about it. It has been a while since the difference in thinking that is the chief of Shining.

■ Kai

Shining’s head, his buddy Pokémon is Garcia. As a long time, we have cherished the vast farm of the Has region. He was at first suspicious of the protagonist, but he will make a trust with the borrowing power when you stop King.

■ Captain is also a member of the Congo group and Shinji

The Congo Team and Shinguard seem to have a lot of common points, with the difference between faith and thinking. Both teams are wearing Pokémon, and respect special Pokemon called King Queen.

People who are protecting the special Pokémon referred to as the captain is belonged to any of the mixing Orchestra Shinji Orchestra. For example, Captain Hiatus that are entrusted with the care of the phrase queen is but part of a mixed team, Captain wooden pile that is take care of Ballgirl is the king of the black Sunday of wilderness is a member of the Shinji Orchestra I have.

Pokémon Legends Access will be released on January 28, 2012 (Fri). The price is 6,578 yen (tax included).

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