History mode arrives at Spire of Sortcery

A roguelike deck-building game is a crossbreed category of video games that combine the nature of deck-building card video games with procedural-generated randomness from roguelike video games.

SPIRE OF SORCERY, the group RPG in turn with a dark mechanics, receives a major update today. This update brings a new history mode, an improved meeting interface, adjustments in the spell book and more.

Spire of Sorcery is an RPG built on a tokens’ system. This allows players to combine the launch of spells, alchemy and equipment to use on the environment and opponents. Players control a group of fleeing mages that must help the sensitive magic citadel to repair Round, a broken world.

These Mages are grouped in this quest and use their spells, alchemy and equipment to face their enemies and increase their power. Players will have to take into account their personality throughout the game.

The main objective of this update is the addition of the story mode of Spire of Sorcery. Chapter 1 is the first of three chapters to come in the game. All cards will be made by hand and will have visuals, creatures and unique objects. Chapter 1 includes three distinct stories. Players will have to make decisions in every story that will finally have an impact on the final result of the game.

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In addition, the December update provides changes to the meeting interface. Players will find a smug-crowned screen and characters statistics have been a new look. There is also a new book interface of spells after some adjustments. Players will also notice general visual improvements that reflect the player’s decisions.

After a long development road, Spire of Sorcery is currently available on Steam Early Access, with the expected full version before the end of 2022. This major update of December is the next big stage of the game development and is available today. HUI. If magic RPGs are your trick, check out the Steam page of the game today.

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