Government investigation in one day Tesla Driving Game

Tesla's  Full Self Driving Car Is Here... Does it really work?

An independent vehicle, automated vehicle, vehicle with driving delegation or fully automated vehicle is a car capable of rolling — on open roadway — without chauffeur’s intervention. The concept describes a vehicle that can flow on the public roadway in the intended website traffic scenarios without human intervention. It is a typical application of the domain name of mobile robotics in which several actors are involved.
Elements of technical, legal, mental and also lawful services have currently been presented, however some inquiries stay unsolved.
The concept of independent automobile covers, according to the context, an entirely independent vehicle (level 5) or a semi-autonomous vehicle with different driver-supervised semi-automated driving support systems (level 2+), or a vehicle with a delegation of conduct (level 3). Although advertising for some degree 2+ cars evokes automated pilots as well as fully self-governing driving, these automobiles are not taken into consideration by the French Penal Code or as automated, or autonomous, or as handed over to conduct if they do not satisfy criteria for Degree 3.
Some level 3 automated driving systems are planned to operate under particular conditions, for instance in freeway website traffic jams or when automatic car park.

The US government agency decided to block the function of the function that Tesla declared that the game is to investigate the Game function of ‘Driving Park during the Tesla Vehicle model. However, the survey will continue regardless of Tesla’s coping.

US Highway Traffic Safety Department (NHTSA) announced on 22nd (Local Time) Tesla ‘model S’, ‘Model X’, ‘Model Y’, ‘Model X’, ‘Model Y’, ‘Model 3’ Vehicle Model.

This is due to the complaints of the local citizen that they can play during driving in the Tesla vehicle. The former journalist Vince Patton was reported that the Tesla Vehicle owner on YouTube reported a video that demonstrates a game play during driving, and confirmed whether they are in their own Tesla vehicles, and complain to NHTSA.

Therefore, the NHTSA Sharing Defect Research Bureau (ODI) entered the investigation to see how much the federation play function can distribute the attention of the vehicle driver. The local medium was reported that the recall of the target vehicle may be determined according to the results of the survey.

Then the next day, the Tesla spokesman said, I decided to block the ability to discuss concerns about that function with regulatory authorities.

However, the authorities will continue to investigate these measures. NHTSA is the Vehicle Safety Act) in the statement, the Vehicle Safety Act) will not allow automotive production companies to disable the vehicle with defects that can inhibit the driver’s safety. This defective includes a technique that distributes driver attention to disturb security driving.

Then, when we evaluate the risk of car screen and other functions, if the driver uses the function as the manufacturer’s intention, or if the manufacturer is recognizing and preventing the risk of misuse (misuse) I said.

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