Will this game come out Pantheon Rise of the Fallen

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And that’s what the seventh pass (!!!!!!!) Year, since Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen was officially announced (on Kickstarter).

We had to get a cool classic classic MMORPG, which will draw from the legend of our genre and who will allow us to return to these nostalgic times before World of Warcraft.

Unfortunately, the production of the game goes like blood from the nose. Seven years, and Pantheon still lies in the pre-alpha version… and a little of there. The manufacturer’s team does not have plans to enter the beta in the near future. Not to mention the official premiere, which seems to some Mission Impossible for the current moment.

Although plans are ambitious. Next year we have to receive rebuilt classes, improvement of network infrastructure, total overhaul of the initial stage of the game, PET System, Perception System, fractions, guilds, LEG function and additional EVE activities.

Expect a larger number of streams, more streamer, more events, more Pre-Alpha sessions, etc. Also expect that communication will be continued thanks to regular updates in bulletins, podcasts and developer streams.

Is Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen's Vision Changing?
And so Pantheon looks like: Rise of the Fallen in the current form:

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