LOL The play of a tank that murdered a shooter without touching it

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The preseason of League of Legends is being all an odyssey, since the different objects that have appeared in the game, the new routes that can be squeezed to the maximum if well-used, or the new dragons that have invaded the loyalty crack caused The Return to the Tortilla of the current methane. Even though they were from the fall layer throughout the season 11, the tanks seem to have returned everything high thanks to the rolling of these champions and the arrival of new objects that have allowed to burst more than once the departure themselves. Well, prepare to see the state-of-the-art status for 2022 with this video starring a Sion.

The clip is as follows: Sion with a pure and hard tank build Teleports to the lower lane to make a hole that could win the game. However, up to three enemy champions went by trying to get rid of the colossus and that, to many surprises, it was practically invincible. The best of all? That Sion endured so much that the composition of him objects caused passive damage to enemies with the brambles. Next to the Buff of Baron Nash or, the destination of the Caitlyn Enemy was already dictated and died suddenly at the hands of Sion without having received a direct attack of this champion.

Thus, players who love this type of champions are congratulations, since this season were not at a good time, and they were not the best choice to upload ELO, since champions like Jayce, Camille or Serves are in order of the day of being able to sweep with us during the first compasses of the game. It seems that with the arrival of season 12 the methane will change and return (depending on the match-up ) for everything high to endure the unbearable.

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