Spider-Man No Way Home: Actress wanted a girlfriend for Aunt May

About two weeks ago, a real board is started in the cinemas. Spider-Man: No Way Home played in a very short time, fans attracted fans around the world into cinemas and, despite Corona pandemic, reached more than a billion dollars as a box office.

Even irrespective of the success, fans and critics seem very satisfied with No Way Home. Already the first evaluation could be seen quite, and now the film is traded by many as the best Spider-Man. Marisa Coma, the actress of the Aunt May, but would have liked a little something differently.

The rejected desire of Marisa Coma


In an interview with Geeks of Color, Coma not only talked about their time with the film crew and their role as a caring aunt May, but also betrayed that they originally wanted that may come together with a woman : That was even before Happy appeared.

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There was a moment where I feel that May — maybe she should be with a woman because Ben is not there anymore and with whom should she be together? And we talked a bit about it, I really wanted to talk about it that Amy Pascal is my girlfriend of Sony. I told her, nobody has to know, Amy. It’s just giving a scene where you’re over there. It’s just a completely subtle thing.

Who Spider-Man: No Way Home (Buy Now €22.99) has already seen, knows if Tomas wish fulfilled. For all those who have not been in the cinema due to full appoint mental or Corona pandemic: it is probably not a serious spoiler to learn that the movie Aunt May has not put on her side.

Source: Geeks of Color



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