VR game Horizon Call of the Mountain announced

While we like many others at the start of the next Ally adventure Horizon Forbidden West wait the franchise is working on another game: an exclusive title for the upcoming PlayStation VR2.

Next month starts Horizon Forbidden West, one of the most anticipated titles for 2022. But that should not end the journey promises Jan-Bart van Been, in his studio director and studio art and animation director at Guerrilla. According to the entry on the PlayStation Blog, the development studio Fire Sprite currently working on a Horizon-VR game where you take on the skin of an entirely new character and experience the story from his point of view. Familiar faces like Ally are canned as figures whom you meet, also in the game. In a first teaser trailer for Horizon Call of the Mountain, the name of the PS-VR2-exclusive title, there already see some scenes:

New Horizon Game Announcement Trailer (Horizon Call Of The Mountain PSVR 2)

Fire Sprite already has some VR title developed but is most likely to be known as the developer of the Play Room experience for the PlayStation consoles. The studio based in Liverpool was bought in autumn 2021 by Sony Interactive Entertainment, and therefore part of the PlayStation Studios group of Guerrilla Games, among other things House marque, Insomniac or Naughty Dog belong.

Horizon Call of the Mountain uses the technology of PS VR 2, the announced successor to the Virtual Reality system from PlayStation. Eye tracking, 4k resolution, HDR and 110-degree field of view just a few items on the long list of features that Sony shake up the VR market in the future are commemorating. More information about this Sony has released in a separate blog post.

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