Of ESPORTS to dream about Formula 1: This pilot passes from simracing to sign with a real team

He will certainly compete in F2, the pre-F1 group The F2 is the pre-F1 competitors, and which enables accessibility to it if you get wonderful outcomes as well as you have a good financial backup behind. This does nothing but validate the truth that one new means towards the motor world has actually been opened up thanks to the development of the ESPORTS and the abilities with which the online pilots matter.

Now his life has actually taken a beat, after having completed in the reduced group for just three years. It has been developed in genuine competitors such as Asian F3, the GT4 European Series, the European Le Mans Series as well as the Euro formula, where it has actually accomplished seven platforms and two victories, and today it has actually been revealed as Specialist pilot of F2 , authorizing with the Charon Racing System group for the 2022 category champion.

The last Authorities Championship of ESPORTS of Formula 1 leaves this, accumulating a wide range of followers and visualizations. The game utilized year to year is that representing yearly delivery, being the last F1 2021. A title created by code masters that again owes its formula, handling increasingly the experience of an upward competitor, counting also With the F2 that we have discussed. But, if you wish to know much more, you can take a look at our F1 2021 analysis.

In some cases reality exceeds fiction, and also the instance of CEM Bourbaki is just one of the most prominent that involve both the actual sporting activity and computer game. The Turk took a hole on the planet’s globe taking part as Sim racer (specialist online pilot) in different competitions of ESPORTS, such as the Renault formula, which won by 2020, or the main Champion of Formula 1, in He who got involved from 2017 to 2019.

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