The settlers will be published in March 2022, closed beta already in a week

After the settlers were postponed indefinitely in 2020, it was quiet for a long time. In December last year, Ubisoft explained that in January 2022 we should receive new information about the title. As promised, today there was a new trailer for the reboot of the classic strategy game, which also included the release date of the game.

When does the settlers appear?

The settlers will be released on March 17, 2022. If you are already full of anticipation, you can participate in a closed beta from 20 to 24 January via Ubisoft Connect or the Epic Games Store with a little luck . In the beta, only two battle cards will be available in 1V1 or 2V2 mode against other players or the I, as well as an introduction for new settler players. You can register on the official site of the game.

The associated trailer already provides a little insight into the different cards of the title. Furthermore, the video gives a taste of the campaign and the multiplayer battles of the settlers.

We were already allowed to play a current beta to the settlers and betray you in our preview of the title, which has changed in the strategy game in the last few years.

The standard edition of the settlers will beat with 59.99 euros to book, the Deluxe Edition will receive you for 79.99 euros. The latter includes next to the main game a few cosmetic items such as the title Explorer, the Game Soundtrack, and a digital art book. Pre-ordered also receive three coral towers, the title Captain, and a relic part accelerator for a day.

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