Dying Light 2: Stay Human – all trophies at a glance

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In this Trophy Guide to Dying Light 2: Stay Human you experience:

  • How many trophies there
  • How many times Dying Light 2: Stay Human by playing must
  • What you need to do for the platinum trophy

Dying Light 2: Stay Human puts you in a post-apocalyptic world with lots of zombies. In our trophies guide you learn what tasks you have to solve in order to get the coveted Platinum Trophy .

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How many trophies are available in Dying Light 2: Stay Human?

Developer studio Tech land has Dying Light 2: Stay Human equipped with a total of 58 trophies . The largest share of take the bronze trophies one with 48 pieces. Also, you can eight silver trophies, even dusting gold and one platinum.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human — All bronze trophies

With impressive 48 bronze trophies you have in Dying Light 2: do Stay Human hands full. You must crazy obstacle course maneuvers to master , Collectibles find kill opponents in various ways, or you can simply time 10,994 meters fall.

Name Description Trophy
Street art connoisseur discover all the graffiti collectibles. bronze
Audio friend For all audio collectibles. bronze
archivist Find all notes collectibles. bronze
Kaboom! After a double wall running an air passage run. bronze
Real NightRunner Complete all Night Runner-examinations. bronze
sound 50 enemies with a spear to kill. bronze
Do not look back to top At least 50 enemies miss death from above. bronze
This is the end! Run 50 Kills from the back support. bronze
mods modify weapons at least 50 times. bronze
Lightning Reflexes 10 perfect blocks in sequence to perform without suffering damage. bronze
I call teamwork! 100 enemies with at least two other players kill. bronze
Social being join a co-op game session. bronze
Too slow! shake off pursuers with maximum hunting stage. bronze
Deadly headache achieve 50 headshots with a ranged weapon. bronze
Sun Studio A virus carrier with a UV flashlight kill. bronze
Death from a distance A Sitter with a ranged weapon kill. bronze
Night Stalkers A shadow hunter kill. bronze
inviolable 20 enemies in a row with melee weapons kill without suffering damage. bronze
Good night and good luck The first night survive. bronze
Now it’s down A total of at least 10,994 meters fall. bronze
Ultramarathon At least 960 kilometers place. bronze
Millionenspiel collect money in the old world 1,000,000. bronze
Stiefellecker Reach city orientation 7 for an arbitrary grouping. bronze
Friends in Need 50 survivors in encounters help. bronze
Oh, so it goes! modify the weapon for the first time. bronze
The first time you never forget Make the first article. bronze
Flags combustion The first bandit camp exempt. bronze

As hard as it was not, right? | The first GRE anomaly defeat. | bronze
Found something? | Find all GRE packets. | bronze
Can not you read the signs? | collect all hidden in GRE quarantine stations inhibitors. | bronze
Don Quixote | Enable all wind turbines. | bronze
The tickets please! | use a metro station for fast locomotion. | bronze
Sancho Panza | Activate the first wind turbine. | bronze
Tunnel entrance | The first subway station enable. | bronze
Serving the city | Assign all facilities. | bronze
Family over everything | Find your sister. | bronze
descent | To enter X13-lift. | bronze
The death of the shovel | After the missile attack to wake up. | bronze
accomplice | Find out where Veronica Ryan is staying. | bronze
You will hear us! | restore the radio tower. | bronze
Ruins | The observatory reach. | bronze
Get out of my house! | Defeat the renegades to attack the fish eye. | bronze
Light in the dark | Activate the first substation. | bronze
The enemy on the trail | Learn where Waltz staying. | bronze
Under pressure | activate the first water tower. | bronze
Warm welcome! | enter the bazaar. | bronze
Shot Debut | For the first time using an inhibitor. | bronze
Journey into the unknown | Villeroy reach. | bronze

Dying Light 2: Stay Human — All silver trophies

For the silver trophies in Dying Light 2: Stay Human you have to level up and maximum track all potential romances of the game, among other things your character.

NAME Description Trophy
Eisenberg Achieve maximum endurance. silver
Top fit Achieve maximum health. silver
On Mission Get to know all potential plays. silver
Combat Maximum fightability reach. silver
Parking Cup Reach maximum parking tourism. silver
Bannblahl Exit all bandit bearings. silver
Reverser Defeat all GRE-anomalies. silver
Subway map Activate all subway stations. silver

Dying Light 2: Stay Human — You have to do to reach gold and platinum

Developer Tech land recently announced that you can sink up to 500 hours in the Open World Adventure, if you want to experience everything and play all ends. Not later than known the gold trophy Your world, your rules it is clear that one end is enough to achieve platinum.

NAME Description Trophy
Your world, your rules Complete game with any end. gold
Pilgrimage Get all trophies. platinum

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