LOL: Zeris most realistic interaction with a unique ability that demonstrates Riots ingenuity

The new League of Legends champions that introduce unique mechanics are especially problematic for developers. The arrival of a new function requires taking into account all possible interactions with the rest of the elements of the game, requiring a much higher workload. ZERO YOU new way of launching basic attacks are a good example of this situation, having forced Riot Games to make some decisions of the most ingenious.

The most realistic interaction of League of Legends

One of the most logical questions that League of Legends players could have regard to Zero is related to Teems blind. This skill is the only one of all the game that can make us fail basic attacks (TAX only elusive them). However, at this point it is well known that these blows work in a very special way in the champion, which uses the Q of it (explosive fire) of it for everything that the rest of the shooters use their mechanics of ‘self-autoataque’.

This substitution required special work to relate to Teems and from Riot Games has carried out it. When Zero receives the blinding dart and explosive fire, the projectiles will simply be launched in a random direction to which the champion was not pointing.

As we see in the video, it will be almost impossible to reach the rival. However, it is not completely impossible to hit. If we shoot explosive fire in another direction, there is a possibility that the detour makes us hit over the rival. A decision that has probably been taken for Transmit to League of Legends la Sensation who want to transport with the new champion, making it as often as possible to lucky shots we can give in this type of games when we are completely blinded.

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