Will GTA 6 finally be revealed this year? New Tease Drops important news

Both GTA 6 Reveal the date and the GTA 6 The release date can be before Grand Theft Auto Fans are waiting. Through rumors and reports, Grand Theft Auto to fans have been believed to believe that GTA 6 is still very, far away. And this may be true, but a new provocation of a prominent member of Rockstar Games suggests that Rockstar Games is ready to finally stop milking GTA 5 and GTA online and reveal the next GTA game. In other words, the mockery apparently proposes that the aforementioned rumors and reports are not accurate, which, of course, poses the question of what else they have been wrong.

According to TEZ2, the New Year is practically a fact for the announcement of the next title of Rockstar Games. Now, TEZ2 does not say that this game will be GTA 6, but it is not clear what else could potentially be the rumored Mason 2. In addition to this, TEZ2 points out that he expects this game to launch in 2023.


At the time of publication, there have been no rumors that this happens, however, it makes sense. In fact, it is late. Death RED 2 was announced in 2016, three years after the launch of GTA 6. RDR2 was released in 2018. Then, more than three years have passed between the launch of RDR2 and now. In other words, Rockstar Games arrives late, but you would assume that it will not take years. An advertisement for 2022 and a launch date for 2023 that will inevitably be delayed until 2024 seems one of the best bets on the game at this time.

For now, however, take everything here, the report and speculation derived from it, with a grain of salt. Everything here is not official, and even if it is exact, it is also at the mercy of change. As for Rockstar Games, he has not addressed any of this. We do not expect this to change, but if it does, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.

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