Frust Instead of Revolution: Team of the Week remains a problem child in FIFA 22

Before the season, EA Sports announced some changes and improvements in the Team of the Week (TOW). After the Team of the Year can be accounted for: a new feature is far from.

The Team of the Week is a weekly selection of 23 players in FIFA, which come through special performance on the real lawn in just that squad. The concept behind it, the linking of real football and FIFA, is basically very popular with many ultimate team players. At least on the paper.

Before the current season, EA Sports announced a great innovation with Featured Tow. But only four months after release, the conclusion for the TOW in FIFA 22 generally falls more than sobering.

The many construction sites of the TOW promo

The weaknesses are not only on hand since this season, but are significantly highlighted in the current part. It starts with the many leaks around all FUT events.

TOW is not excluded. Is it my favorite player in the selection? Can a Team, who plays with a small club, to provide at least in FIFA for a furor? The tension, from which the TOW lived else, seemed seemingly finally lost this year.

Niklas ‘Nikolai’ Queensland, professional in the 1st FC Dagenham and recently to the FIFA Personality of the Year, gave in conversation with Team Esport insight as the weekly selection of a highlight develops to an increasingly important action: I personally, not Only from Content Creator view, find it a pity that the TOW is running this year.

On the one hand, those leaks are responsible for this, but the criticism is profound. Team of the Week is just bad because there are too many events anyway, says Queensland.

The problem of the over serve does not only affect football. Even in FIFA, the voices towards less is more are louder. In itself, the idea behind Tow is great – but even if there is a cracker in it, you have almost no chance to pull this player. The probability goes against zero. You can save you so many packs. You will save him don’t pull.

Good advice is expensive

Also Featured Tow does not draw because it’s the wrong players holding this special version. In addition, they simply are not strong enough. Instead of providing emerging talents with featured cards, EA Sports distributes these upgrades rather on Mayflies.

Although they are significantly improved until their nocturnal variant appears, the season is almost over. Or there are just other cards that could ever get stronger values ​​as TOW players anyway.

The Crux is to find a better way: from rewards and upgrades for players and at the same time a fundamentally healthier mix of promos and events. In the skin of the developers ‘Nikolai’ does not want to stick: It is difficult, just really difficult.

Good advice on how the TOW can remain attractive even over a longer period of a FIFA season, is expensive. The best players of last week have remained enormous potential and a special charm. The developers did well to consider further changes here – because even in FIFA 22, the latest of the extremely strong Tony cards, the TOW versions are always obsolete.

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