Its fun, but not? … Reaxi Extraction, Overseas Reaction

IP-based coo hotels EVE shooter (hereinafter referred to as Extraction>) seems to be finished.

E3 When the 2021 was released, the industry’s reaction was immersed because of several reasons. First, is a greatly leaning against the operating system and art style of the previous , but the contents of the game were quite heterogeneous, and somewhat conflicts were expected.

In addition, the difference in the difference in compared to the coo trade shooters, such as the existing launched , , The actual evaluation of the , which was finally released in this crossing concern, is also difficult to talk to either positive and negative.


First, the average score of the two games is 74 points at 2 pm on the 21st at the rated comprehensive site meta-creepy and Open Cryptic on the 21st. The media references the advantage points of at a similar rate.

The most mentioned advantages are the fun of coo plates itself. The media use the expression such as ‘explosive’, ‘tension’, and ‘excitement’, and evaluated that the EVE system of has a solid fun. On the other hand, the disadvantage of mainly intelligent disadvantages is differential and time consumption (GRIND). Particularly, compared to the previous , there are many assessments that they do not provide similar levels of fun.

The Guardian, which has been relatively favored by a total of 4 points, said, As a tense coo option, it shows that not only the elements lent from existing games, but also in their own factors.

On the other hand, Signs have added a great new idea to Rainbow Six Ship, IGN to add a great new idea to the SF colors game. However, we have not been able to make a difference in the strength of these strengths.

Open Cryptic, Coo option itself is definitely fun, but critics have been conjunction with the prices, balanced problems, rapid dreams, and the problem of the long run of the game as a problem such as changing, and tribes of end game contents.

What about the responses of users? The user who said that he played the game directly from the reddish community, Most users are likely to dislike, but I was a friend of two friends and really entertained. You have to change the time ‘FBI software’ that is unlocked by the new content is obvious. But the game play itself was wonderful, fun, and there is more to play more.

Other users have vented that this game has made it possible to make other consumers that are oneself with . The user will do Gamers who like PVP will do . However, if you do not want to memorize all the maps, you will not be able to memorize all the maps, or if you do not want to SIGKILL, you will play the .

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