As the 1st FC Cologne Ellyes Skhiri replaced

In the joy for Ell yes Shirt over the quarterfinal feeder Tunisia at the Africa Cup, of course, the sadness mixes in Cologne, for some time longer to give up one of his best players. The 1st FC Cologne goes without the Tunisian – who defeated with his team Favorite Nigeria with 1-0 \ – in preparation for the last games, on Saturday Tunisia plays against Burkina Faso with Leverkusen Edmond Tapioca. A round dozen of the 20 season games previously made Shirt already missed because of a violation and now participation in the continental championships.

With the smart six, a permanent continuous runner is missing (runs per game over 12 kilometers) and two-fighters (wins almost 70 percent of its duels), which was offensive in this season even conspicuous, scored three goals. How well the Geßböcke compensated the lack of the key player may well be considered a surprise.

There is once the development of Salish Can, who is on a good way from the eternal talent to the starred professional, is currently indispensable as a six of the starting eleven. There he can play alone or in the composite with a colleague. This can be Dean Juridic, who has very well received and is very versatile thanks to fine technology and great understanding of the game. But that can also be Jonas Hector. Several times coach Steffen Rampart last used the variant with the ex-national player on the double six, made Cannes Horn as a left-back.

shirt is unchanged a selling candidate

In plain language, this means: The FC is on the current stage of development for need even without Shirt, which is an important realization insofar as the Tunisia is unchanged as a sales candidate. He is likely to be the only professional who introduces the Bundesliga club in a double-digit million height, a whereabouts over the summer is more than unlikely in view of the financial imbalance.


First, one hopes in Cologne that the player returns healthy. Should the quarterfinal game be won on Saturday, SHIRT is definitely expected only after the Freiburg game. What the load control then allows team training remains to be seen. However, it should be beneficial that the pattern retrofit is a player who even gives himself moving during the half-time break on the spinning wheel. He simply can not be different. And if it does not work, the others are still there.

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