New Ubisoft game: fans make their anger clearly air

The game classist The settlers should be husky new life after perceived eternity. But under a current YouTube video of Ubisoft, the long-standing fans do not leave good hair at the game.

The comeback from the settlers

With his nearly 30-year history, the settler series of Blue Byte and Ubisoft definitely belongs to the videos of the video game industry. Am 17. March If the publisher wants to breathe new life to the first part and publishes a generally overhauled version of the classic.

For this even the originally conductive head Volker was brought to the boat. After the taped fans of the wire play after first promising motion pictures for two years with great anticipation, now sets great disappointment .

A current YouTube video introduces the new game of the game:

The fans are angry at Ubisoft


Since YouTube has made the down votes invisible for videos, it is not apparent in which ratio the rating is, but should be assumed at narrow 1,800 thumbs up to over 77,000 views of which the button for the thumbs down can be clicked more often has been.

In the first top comment , however, it is quickly clear how the community is to the new project:

Are not too happy. The original creators of the Settlers (Volker Erich) has left the project, apparently because he did not agree with the in the direction of Ubisoft. It seems they have suddenly simplified it. I hope that’s not true, but I would not be surprised.

Apparently, Ubisoft seems to be deviated from the popular formula of Single player Games and thus taken exactly what the fans love the classic.

Although the improvements shown, offer potential for a great strategy game, Ubisoft has set the Focus on the wrong elements. So Anwar writes, for example:

Settlers should rotate logistics, production lines, resource management and effective economy. This game, as the trailer suggests, has beautiful landscapes, a nice graphic, so detailed inhabitants like never before, streets full of life and discovery of new cool places as well as ancient ruins. And then there are something like cheap Total War battles. Do you mean that seriously? Why do you use the legendary brand to make a completely different game? I will not buy it.

Much of the over 500 comments proposes a similar sound. If you want to convince yourself if Ubisoft has sought the classic, you can register with a little luck for the closed beta on the PC. This finds from 20. Until January 24 (Source: Ubisoft)

ICR Will more tips for absolute strategy must plays? Then look in this picture section :

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