Pokemon legends Arceus is the best Pokemon

Pokémon legends Areas is the best example of the fact that games should not only be reduced to their external. While all trailers comprised the fan community negatively about the optics, Game Freak could actually create it to fully convince with the first reviews. The first test after Areas is even the best Pokémon game for years.

Pokémon legend Areas in the ratio

Pokémon-Legend Areas commutes on average on Metacritic at a rating of 86. Overall, the page so far takes 40 reviews as a basis for the average. Most magazines give a rating between 100 and 80. There are only a few rashes below and only a very negative 5/10. On Opencast, a similar picture can currently be read. So the switch Exclusive reaches an average of 85 at 34 reviews.

  • Metacognitive average: 86
  • Operative average: 85

Ratings of individual outlets at a glance

What is praised, what criticizes?

From many reviews you can read that the realignment is exactly what Pokémon has needed. Whether the new exploration aspect, the action-rich gameplay or crafting: Almost everything fits. Even if the game may have no right Open World, the extended areas are a successful variety and ensures a novel Pokémon experience.

Gamer Editor Eleven summarizes her gaming experience with Areas as follows:

Pokémon legends Areas breathes Pokémon with great new ideas fresh wind and is therefore one of the best games in the series.

Your entire review can be found here :

102 3

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Pokémon legends Areas in the test: The super evolution we did not expect

The biggest criticism last end is for many the graphic aspect of the game. There are muddy textures, pop-ins and the world often feels optically uniform. There is also a multi-critical grind that could disturb some. But in total, the most tests do not provide a great impairment reduction.

More about Pokémon legends Areas :

  • All Pokémon, who gives her gifts
  • Preload is available and so big is he
  • There is a multiplayer, but does not expect too much

Pokémon legends Areas appears exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on January 28th. So that your adventure can start perfectly prepared, we summarize all information about the game in your own article. Of course, this is all based on fear official information, and you have no spoilers.

Are you going to throw you into His region this weekend or the top ratings can not convince you?

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