Elden Ring: Your director highlights the challenges you have overcome during development

From Software is preparing for the landing of his new video game. Elder Ring, edited by NAMC Banzai, is an RPG and action aboard world to the purest style Hideaway Miyazaki. And it is precisely the title director who answered questions in an interview published on the official PlayStation blog. The creative takes stock of learning during development and points to the adjustment of all playable elements within the world Ring one of the most notable challenges.

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Elder Challenges Ring (for developers)

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“There have been two major challenges we have faced in the developing Elder Ring”, he recapitulates in the interview. “First it wRing expanding level of freedom than in our previous games. The world is vRingt and open, so they had to deal with the challenge of maintaining their usual gameplay style but offering “a renewed sense” opening.

They had therefore to balance exploration, battles against bosses, the progression of users and the events themselves within the map. “Trying to expand freedom of balancing all players wRing a significant challenge. “But we learned many lessons trying to get this.”

The second test that faced hRing to do with the pace and progress of the player in an open world. “We try to balance the pace of the user while exploring this vRingt open map and how it influences freedom and progression that provides . So we also learned some valuable lessons when we made such adjustments.

Elder Ring prepares for releRinge on February 25 on Xbox One, Xbox X Series, S Series Xbox, PS4, PS5 and PC. The main story will lRingt about 30 hours, although it depends largely on the skill of the player at the controls. Anyway, the game hides many secrets, so have added a New Game + mode.

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