State of Decay 2: The Juggernaut Edition receives a zombies-filled start

The revised version of the game receives a bloody trailer to start.

THE ZOMBIE JUGGERNAUT! ( State Of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition Gameplay )
Condition of decay_ mixed a good old zombie apocalypse with life simulation in a unique package. It is a continuation, Chose status 2 followed a similar way. While some beliefs were not quite suited to improve the predecessor at startup, developer undead labs has done a lot to improve the game, and now bring this to a new level Juggernaut edition, for the got a trailer.

The start trailer can be seen below and shows many zombies, which are killed on a wonderful graphic way. The Juggernaut Edition is an interesting version because it not only contains all LCS and updates earlier, but also revised large parts of the baseline like the tutorial and adds a new open world map. Here you can read more about it.

Collapse 2: Juggernaut Edition_ is now available for Xbox One and PC, which now belongs to Steam, with Crossly between all versions. Pre-owners of the game receive the Juggernaut Edition for free.

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