A new Batman Arkham arrived at GTA v thanks to the mods

Since its debut almost a decade ago, _ Grand Theft Auto V _ has hosted endless mods, some much more detailed and impressive than others. Such is the case of this recent MOD that, basically, makes _sandbox of Rockstar Games in a new delivery of Batman Arkham. We say this because said mod includes unique combat animations, gadgets, weapons and Yes, until the Batmobile.

The mod in question leads as a name Julionib’s Batman script mod and allows users to carry different hero costumes or even walk as an unmasked Bruce Wayne. Here you can see it in action:

In addition to everything previously mentioned, users can also use 12 vehicles other than batman , including the 1989 battles and the tumbler of the trilogy of The Dark Knight. Each one of They come equipped with their own weapons arsenal.

On the side of gadgets , batman you can use the batarang , equipped with remote control of arkham games, as well as a grappling hook , gloves Electrified and up to a spear of kriptonite if you get to find you with superman flying at the saints.


The mod is currently in pre-launch, and is available for all subscribers from the page of Patreon from its creator. At the moment, Julionib You will be focusing on other projects, but hopefully, you will return to work in this MOD of Batman shortly.

And in related news, remember that _ GTA V _Ya received release date for your next-gene version and you can meet you by clicking on the following link.

Editor’s note: Although Gotham Knights is not seen badly, it would have preferred a direct sequel for the Arkham series. I think the concept canceled to play like Damian Wayne had potential, but it seems that Rocksteady no longer intends to return to this franchise.

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