IT Takes Two reaches five million units sold

_ IT Takes Two _, the acclaimed game that won the Goty Award during The Game Awards last year, is still a success in sales. After October 2021 it was announced that the most recent work of Hazelight Studios had overcome the three million copies, today a new milestone has been revealed .

Through your official Twitter account, HAZELIGHT confirmed that almost one year after its launch, it Takes TWO has managed to sell five million units worldwide . Considering that this is a fully cooperative title, this means that 10 million people have experienced the story of Cody and May. This was what was commented about:

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“5… It’s five million copies of #ittakestwo sold!

Our team is absolutely stunned just thinking about how many players have enjoyed our game now! “

Along with this, Josef Fares, director of Hazelight Studios, has pointed out that the five million units have overcome any kind of expectations that were about this title . Considering projects related to developing cinema and television, it is certain that this number will only grow as time passes.

Editor’s note:

It Takes TWO deserves all the success you have earned. This was one of the best experiences of 2021, and one of the titles that best represent the cooperative style of videogames. I can no longer wait to see what the following Hazelight Studios project will be.

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