Rockstar confirms that GTA VI is already under development

Although for months we have heard rumors about _ Grand Theft Auto VI _, Rockstar has never taken the time for himself to mention the next main chapter in the series. Fortunately, That has changed today, since it has been confirmed that a new delivery is already under development.

Rockstar Confirm GTA6 And Say Development Is
Through a statement focused on the novelties we will see in GTA V and GTA online In the future, Rockstar finally confirmed that it is already working on the next main game of the series . Although he did not specifically mention _GTA VI, _ it is very likely that this is the project they are talking about. This was what was mentioned about it:

“With the unprecedented longevity of GTAV, we know that many of you have been asking us about a new entry into the Grand Theft Auto series. With each new project we embarked on, our goal is always going far beyond what we have previously delivered, and we are pleased to confirm that active development for the next entry into the Grand Theft Auto series is underway. We hope to share more information as soon as we are ready, so stay in tune with Rockstar Newswire to know the official details. “

Although these are positive news for the fans of the series, at the moment we do not have information related to the release date or some other detail about the next Grand Theft Auto title. However, an official disclosure is not ruled out at some point of this year. Recall that rumors point to the fact that GTA VI would reach up to 2024.

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Editor’s note:

It was time. For a long time we have heard that GTA VI has been in development, and finally it is good to see that Rockstar confirm this information. Now we only have to wait for an official revelation, as well as at its release date.

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