Hideta Miyazaki reveals what his favorite boss is Souls

As part of a new publication at the PlayStation Blog, Several developers have been questioned about what your favorite boss is from all the games developed by fromSoftware. Among them we have the legendary Hidetaka Miyazaki, Who also answered this question and it may be that his answer ends up surprising you.

Miyazaki revealed that the Old Monk, that appeared for the first time at Demon’s Souls and who came back for the Remake of PlayStation 5 , is your favorite boss of this type of games. For those who are not very familiar with this boss, it is a quite unique fight as you do not fight against any enemy, but the Old Monk invokes a ghost so that I fought for him, but said ghost is controlled by a real player.

Miyazaki mentioned that developing this boss was an extremely complicated task for him and his team, but ultimately, it was necessary to incorporate it into the game:

The devil's soul boss was chosen as MiyazakiHayao's favorite FromSoftware Fight.

“I wanted that boss to be in the game, both from a visual perspective to one of Gameplay, including the multiplayer element. It was a challenge, from the way we implement it until it determined how fun it would be, and nobody believed that we could do it at the time. But in the end we achieve it, and I think he became an intriguing boss that the fans have come to appreciate. “

Within this publication, some other developers also mention some other bosses such as Great Gray Wolf Sif, Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executtion Smough . But what is your favorite? Leave us your answer in the comments.

Editor’s Note: I agree that the Old Monk is one of the most interesting fights of all demon’s Souls, especially because this type of game usually put us against enemies that are always much bigger than us, so A simple 1V1 fight against another player was a nice change of rhythm.

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