How to Repair Vehicles in Death Stranding

Death Stranding - How To Repair, Unlock, and Charge Bike and Vehicles (Death Stranding Tips)
Players do not always use their shoes to deliver objects in the death of the death._ When they arrive in the middle of episode 2 and progress, vehicles will become an important aspect of the game. These will allow players to players To access more storage space and make longer trips and faster than those they would be able to go on foot. However, players can not use container repair spray to repair them. Here’s how you do it.

How to Repair Vehicles in Death Stranding

You will notice that your vehicle will wear out during your trip. You can see it because of the sparks on his hull and tobacco he emits. These are obvious signs of decay, and players who want to keep their vehicles will want to take care of it. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy solution to make sure the vehicle of a player performs reliable trips at all times.

Whenever Sam enters a distribution center, it has the opportunity to go to its private room. To do this, it goes down into an elevator to the lower levels where it can rest and relax safely after all the troubling deliveries it has made. Now, to repair a vehicle, players must place their vehicle on the elevator, then make sure that Sam goes in the private room. If the vehicle is not in the elevator, it can not receive any repairs.

The other option consists in storing the vehicle by placing it in the garage. The next time you use it, the vehicle should be fully repaired and ready to go. You will always want to make sure that Sam is well rested, too. He will make the most of a quick stop in his private room with his vehicles.

That’s all you need to know about repairing your death vehicles. You will not have a lot of access before episode 3, so be sure to get there before there. Think too much for your transportation services.

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