Producer of Dynasty Warriors 9 wants a Star Wars Musou

Dynasty Warriors 9 Review
The name Dynasty Warriors is one that many people probably do not know. However, the subgender of Warriors, or Musou, which we find here, is one that surely many will be able to identify. Series as a person, The Legends of Zelda , Fire Emblem, One Piece, have entered this style of play. Although there is always room for more, the producer of the series has in mind a particular property, one that would lead the Musou to a very, very distant galaxy.

Recently, Akihiro Suzuki, producer of dynasty Warriors 9, was interviewed about this delivery, as well as the future of the series. In the talk of him with JP Games, Suzuki revealed that he would love to work with Star Wars property. This was what he commented:

“Within the development team, many different IPs and works have been presented. This is only my opinion, but my personal desire would be a Crossover of Star Wars. “

Along with this, the producer expects Musoud games to arrive at the new consoles, have a series of visual improvements, as well as an improved artificial intelligence . Returning to Star Wars, this is a fantastic idea. A game where we take control of Darth Vader against hundreds of rebellion soldiers, or a Jedi versus thousands of separatist droids, sounds very interesting.

On related topics, new images of canceled Star Wars 1313 arise. Similarly, a report reveals that Star Wars Battlefront III will no longer be a reality.

Editor’s note:

At the end of the day, Musou Games are entertaining, without many complications. The idea of ​​bringing this concept to the Star Wars universe is interesting. Considering that the exclusivity with EA ends next year, nothing stops Koei touch to have an alliance with Disney to do this a reality.

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