The CEO of PlayStation makes fun of more acquisitions after the bungie purchase

Today, PlayStation surprised the videogame industry by announcing its intention to buy Bungie for 3600 million dollars. It is a fairly considerable sum and demonstrates that PlayStation is making great plans for the future. However, it seems that the purchase will not be the end. In an interview with Gamesindustry.Bizel President and Executive Director of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, confirmed that the company has not finished bringing new companies under the PlayStation umbrella. Unfortunately, Ryan did not offer any clue on what will come or how these acquisitions will fit into the general plans of PlayStation.

“In no way have finished,” Ryan said. “With PlayStation, we have a long way to go. Personally, I will spend a lot of time with Pete. [Parsons] and the Bungie team, helping us to make sure everything is earn correctly and that autonomy means autonomy. But in other parts of the organization, we have many more movements to do ».

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Today early, Ryan revealed that Bungie was not bought by Sony with the intention of making exclusive games, and Destination 2 and other Bungie titles will continue to be offering on multiple platforms. The purpose of the purchase is to help PlayStation Studios develop live service games. The company has supported greatly in single-player experiences in recent years, but live service games are a great attraction for the videogame industry, and many generate billions in revenue. It is not clear if PlayStation plans to buy more studies familiar with live service games or if the company is looking for other areas where you can improve.

Naturally, talking about more acquisitions will surely cause some concern among the players. While the purchase of Bungie could be very beneficial for PlayStation, when it is analyzed along with the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Xbox, it is not difficult to see how this kind of thing could come out of control. Hopefully, that will not end up being the case, and both acquisitions will be beneficial for players, as well as for the videogame industry.

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